Horrifying news from California. The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department is accusing Vincent Gammill of preying on desperate cancer patients by posing as a doctor. Promising alternative treatments, Gammill is facing charges of furnishing scheduled drugs without a license, practicing medicine without a license and dependent adult abuse.

Out on bail, Gammill’s house was raided by members of Ventura’s Interagency Pharmaceutical Crimes division who found 25,000 prescription pills. Most were manufactured in Mexico and Russia and included drugs such as Ambien, morphine and steroids.

Vincent Gammill, allegedly posing as a doctor, runs the Natural Oncology Institute, which is still online at the time of this post. The site’s ‘mission statement’ included the following:

The mission of the Natural Oncology Institute, Inc. is to find, generate and evaluate objective information on alternative and complementary care for those with cancer, to communicate this knowledge to individuals and practitioners and to provide practical assistance and support to those with cancer.

In reality, what the site was peddling was absolute nonsense and preyed on desperate cancer patients looking for hope.

Currently, the investigation is now looking for additional people who have received ‘treatment’ from Gammill. A female patient, who asked ABC News not to reveal her name, has come forward with the accusations.

Paying Gammill $2,000 for two days of treatment, she received an unknown powdery substance and oil that were mixed into a capsule. According to the police report, she told Gammill about an adverse reaction to the treatment:

“She began to get a burning sensation in her stomach, and Gammill told the victim it was good her stomach was burning because that meant the ingredients were still active,” the police said.

The victim had followed Gammill’s work since 2009 when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer. After it had begun to spread throughout her body, she was more willing to try alternative treatments.

She drove 300 miles to his office in Richmond, CA where she paid for the treatment. All the prescriptions were expired, and after many comments that didn’t make sense to the woman, she decided to go to the police.

Gammill is scheduled to make his first court appearance on August 31, and the Ventura County and Contra Costa County Sheriff’s office are asking for help. If you have been treated by him or the institute, officials would like you to call (805) 383-8700 (Southern CA residents) or (925) 313-2600 (Northern CA residents).

Image Credit: ABC News


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