Concert to end extreme poverty, or the latest in Jay-Z’s and Beyonce’s marital roller coaster? You can take your pick last night after Jay-Z surprised the crowd by bringing out Beyonce to sing on ‘Holy Grail’.

NBC’s censors evidently had their diamonds in the sky, because they missed a list of f-bombs, n-words and assorted colorful language throughout Jay-Z’s set. I’m sure that had parents around the nation annoyed, but it’s not like the kids haven’t heard it before.

The song selection for the two to duet on is sure to get people talking. Holy Grail tells the tale of troubled love through fame. At the end, Jay-Z pronounced, “Oh, that’s real life.”

And so a concert meant for global good is now going to be about them as they send every gossip blog and magazine into a fit over what exactly he means. Sounds like a couple that is quite addicted to PR generated off every move.

The concert brought out 60,000 to Central Park’s Great Lawn, and featured performances from Carrie Underwood to The Roots. Actors Ryan Reynolds, Jessica Alba and Olivia Wilde also participated to get audiences involved in ending extreme poverty by 2030.

It marks the third anniversary of the concert, and coincides with the UN General Assembly. If you were wondering about the participation of various political figures, there’s your answer. Tickets were free, but you had to pledge to do various deeds through the Global Citizen Website.

The event marked the first time it was on a cable network. MSNBC aired it, along with an hour-long special on NBC. Other outlets streamed the event, including The Huffington Post and YouTube. It is being billed as the largest digital charity event in history.

Showcasing the rise of EDM, Tiesto performed an energetic set that brought that genre into the homes of people tuning in. DJs are fast becoming the new superstars of the music set.

Check out the Global Citizen’s site for ways to contribute and to catch the show if you missed it.


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