Steve Jobs was famous for deriding phones with giant screens. With people watching more video on phones, and mobile gaming taking off it seems Apple is about to give in to consumers’ wishes and launch two iPhones with larger screens. The rumored screen sizes aren’t just a small bump from the 4-inch screen currently.

Analysts are expecting a dual launch of larger iPhones this year. Predictions have screen real estate coming in at 4.7 and 5.5-inch displays. The 5.5-inch display would be a true HD display with a resolution of 1,920-by1,080 pixels. The pixels [per inch would be 401 pixels. The smaller of the two rumored devices would try to keep the scalability of existing apps and come in at 1,334-by-750 pixels. Weird specs, but good enough for a pixel density of 326 ppi.

The survey of consumers shows that they value the larger screens over what Apple has been offering in the past and currently. They also want the price to come down. Knowing Apple, they will at least get one of the two, and it’s likely the screen size will be it. Even the company’s 5C iPhone, dubbed their cheap one, had a large price tag.

Interest in the phone is high, with 14% of those surveyed saying they were very likely to purchase the unannounced iPhone 6. 26% said they were at least somewhat likely to buy the phone. The interest is well above the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5. Of course the survey was commissioned on what the next iPhone might feature, so Apple can see bigger screen equals more sales.

For a company that has become incremental in its innovations, the larger screen plus gesture controls could be its ticket back into the status of Wall Street darling. Toss in a wearable that people want, and the stock could head back to its once lofty levels.


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