Goodbye, March 18th. A Friday, too? Slow clap for Netflix. The second featured trailer for Daredevil season two has hit, and damn, does it look good.

And we get 13 episodes. I’m both pumped and dreading how terrible I’ll feel when I realize I’ve been stretched out on the couch for over ten hours.

Appreciating Daredevil Season Two

Daredevil cast returns. A no brainer by the studio, but the gang is back. Charlie Cox returns as Matt Murdock, Elden Henson as Foggy Nelson (my favorite avocado of the bunch), Scott Glenn as Stick, Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page and Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple.

The Punisher. Matt did a number on the villains in season one, so we get some new faces. The major addition to the not an ally, just pissed, category? Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle (The Punisher).

Jon Bernthal as the punisher in Daredevil season two

How confident is Netflix in the character? The Punisher has already had a spinoff series ordered. Anything to replace the movie version. Protip for Netflix fans? You can watch the movie adaptation right now. I’ll admit to possibly watching it the other night. Don’t judge.

Elektra. An old flame of Matt’s, Elektra Natchios (Elodie Yung) makes her debut in the Netflix Daredevil universe. We caught a glimpse of her in the part one of the season two trailer, but she shines in the latest.

elodie yung as elektra

We get a bit of background for her character and how she intersects with Matt courtesy of her press blitz:

“She left him when they were younger, and then ten years later she comes back into his life because she’s missing something because she’s alone,” Yung explained when asked about her return to New York. “The whole arc this season for Elektra is finding the good in herself. Trying to understand who she is really and maybe she’s not [just] this cold person, this cold killer. She’s been raised, and she grew up like this, and she’s been trained [for it]. There’s some element of sociopathy in her, but I think it’s just the way that she was born as well.”

“Elektra met Matt, and she fell in love with him,” Yung continued. “And I think he brought some good out of her at some point in her life, and maybe she wants to figure out, by coming back to him, who she really is. She comes back because she misses him and she’s alone, and the only person she’s ever loved is Matt. And she also needs his help. He has good skills and she also needs his skills to help her in her mission. I think that is the sociopath in her: ‘I will need you for something, so I’m going to use you.’”

Cinematography. For what amounts to a television series, the production values are outsized. The fight scenes are always well choreographed, and the casting of Elodie Yung as Elektra solidifies Marvel and Netflix’s commitment to the action on screen.

The Hand. Scott Glenn’s Stick mentions the group in the trailer, and they will be the major villain in season two. It’s too easy to assign the role to Bernthal’s The Punisher, but he’s a vigilante similar to Matt. The primary difference being lacking a moral code.

Who is The Hand? Well, the good news is Kingpin is a member. Matt didn’t kill Vince D’Onofrio masterful Wilson Fisk in season one. Can we expect him to play a role behind the scenes? Here’s hoping.

In the trailer, you see Marvel Television is sticking with the comic book references of The Hand as a supervillain organization and an order of assassins. Notice the sequence with the assassins scaling the wall. That should be an amazing fight sequence.

Foggy vs. Matt. The best friends will still have their feud. Foggy doesn’t want to find Matt dead, and Matt’s frustration boils over to him not apologizing anymore for what he has to do. A concern here is Daredevil has a tendency to get bogged down by dialogue.

Will that change with season two? I doubt it. Matt’s internal struggle is ongoing, so expect sizable chunks devoted to what will feel like overwrought dialogue.

Marvel looks to continue hitting the right notes as its partnership with Netflix continues to grow its catalog. Will season two eclipse season one? It’s always hard following the first, but we can enjoy the ride.

Set aside March 18. Go ahead and realize you won’t be doing a damn thing that day and into the weekend. I have to remember to sit up while binge watching.

Sound off on what you’re expecting in season two. Check back on March 18th and forward as we break down each episode.

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