The Destiny raid is here. It’s been a rough week for Destiny. Many critics have panned the game for its non-existent story and it’s lack of variety in missions. Both valid criticisms. Bungie still knows how to shoot stuff though, and the gameplay is solid.

Vault of Glass has been promised as “the most elaborate mission every created by Bungie.” Many are hesitant after the Strikes ended up being bullet sponge bosses.

Check out some of the Twitch streams below to get an idea of what to expect. I have noticed several new mechanics such as cleansing (MMO players will recognize that immediately) and more.

Bungie suggests only level 26 Guardians should apply, but lower levels can try their hand at it. I’ll be throwing my level 25 Titan in the mix later today. I would be 26, but RNG hates me. Seven legendary engrams and nothing to show for it.

There is no matchmaking for Vault of Glass, so you’ll need to find five friends to join you. Need to find some friends at a similar level? Popular gaming forums such as Neogaf and Reddit are probably your best bets. Android users can also check out Phase, an app from Trackit, Inc., that will help you put together a Vault of Glass fireteam.

Check out a livestream below. Head to Destiny’s Twitch page to find more Vault of Glass streams. I’ll have my review up for Destiny in the next few days after I give Vault of Glass a shot. One sentence review? A solid shooter that falls well short of the hype surrounding it.

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