Well, this is one way for parental control. A mom, who is obviously fed up about her kids ignoring her call, has a new app for parents everywhere. If you know Timmy is being a pain in the ass and ignoring your calls for a marathon Xbox session with friends, you can now lock his phone.

No more texting, games or calls to friends. The kid can either call you back to unlock the phone, or 911 in case they were in the process of being kidnapped when you kept calling constantly. See, the bases are covered.

In addition to being a clever app for parents, the copy that introduces the app is just as funny. “When you lock your child’s phone with Ignore No More your child has only two options — he or she can call you back, or call for an emergency responder. No calls to friends, no text, no games, notta’ until they call you back. When they do, you can unlock their phone if you choose to do so. How’s that for parental control?”

That’s right, your teenager has to tell you what they want for dinner, or you turn their phone into a brick. Kill switches for parents. So, grab your kid’s phone and install the app. If they want to be Snapchatting their friends or liking the latest Instagram post from friends, they won’t be ignoring your calls anymore.

In mobile app circles, this is probably the best idea I’ve seen in a while. Most apps are copies of one another that add features. This is hilarious. Granted, I’m not a kid so I get to laugh. If I was having my phone locked, the tables would probably be turned.

The app claims to be ‘virtually uninstallable’. I’m sure mom is tech-savvy, but these are hacker teenagers. I can just about guarantee a subreddit on how to unlock this is springing up as we speak. Mom will probably just snap and release an update to counter her subversive teens, so let the phone war begin.

Those parents wanting to pester their kids can grab the ‘Ignore No More’ app. It seems there are a ton of parents preparing to embarrass their kids. The site is slow on loading. Should make for some funny stories.


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