Well, we made it folks. The year Marty McFly traveled to in Back to the Future 2. That means we get to go back and look at our VHS Nostradamus. Some of the inventions that didn’t happen are disappointing. We don’t have hoverboards, damn it.

Self-lacing shoes have not been invented yet, though Nike is looking to make us even lazier. There are no flying cars, and there probably never will be. Do we really want Bubba meandering through the air? It’s probably best we stay grounded or automated.

Also, we don’t have dog-walking drones. So prepare for some idiot to leash a dog to their Christmas present just to YouTube it. Or Amazon has found another vertical.

For all the ones we want, there are some predictions we are happy to leave on the remastered DVD.

Fax Machines. These were given top billing in the movie’s version of 2015. Thankfully, they are now a thing of the past or that time someone wants something faxed and you run down to Office Max. Plus, they were evil. They constantly didn’t network properly, the fax would jam, ink and the annoying sound.

Let us all bow our heads in thanks for email and smartphones.

Computer Glasses. I’d say this one is a to-be-determined prediction. Google Glass is looking like quasi-vaporware, and wearable tech is centering on our wrist. Will we get computer glasses? Probably, and a strong dose of headaches to go with it.

If I had to guess, I would lean towards augmented reality being that next step over glasses. The technology seems to be more user friendly, and you won’t crash your car browsing the web.

Dehydrated Pizza. The fresh food movement is here to stay. Our days of a nasty frozen pizza are drawing quickly to a close. Can you still buy a frozen Totinos pizza from Walmart? Yes, but you will regret it. I should know, I have a love/hate relationship with the things.

For whatever reason, I like the taste of cardboard with a hint of pizza sauce. Don’t ask.

So, that was Back to the Future’s 2015. Our reality is social media, 24-hour news, smartphones grafted to us and an overabundance of political correctness. It could be worse. You could be getting a fax instead of an email. That’s something to be thankful for.


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