For The Watch. That’s my reaction to George R.R. Martin’s cameo in Syfy’s Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No. Yes, that’s really the title. And yes, they are making a damn fourth one. Yesterday, the diehard Game of Thrones fans among us noticed Martin endorsed the third installment of Syfy just embracing absurdity for profit.

It was all for his cameo in the TV movie. How badly did the directors and SyFy want him in this film? They relocated the shoot to New Mexico for a day to accommodate Martin. While stripped from the broadcast, he does have a line.

Come on, you know what his line is. “Winter is coming.” It will be restored when Sharknado 3 releases on DVD.

What is Martin’s fate in the film? The man who has singlehandedly taken every character we love in Game of Thrones and brutally killed them? Let the GIF do the talking.

sharknado 3 george rr martin death

Payback is hell, George.

It is cool to see the author enjoy being killed on screen. We all know he loves killing off our favorite characters. Ned Stark, the Red Wedding, etc. Sorry, I’m still not buying we have seen the last of Jon Snow. I refuse to include him in the cast of characters that have met their end. Hopefully, I’m not holding on to false hope.


If the George R.R. Martin cameo was not enough, there’s good news for fans of Syfy’s absurd series. Sharknado 4 is already confirmed. The third installment had a cliffhanger surrounding Tara Reid’s character. A cut to black featured the message:

“You decide if #AprilLives or #AprilDies…We’re not done yet.”

Syfy took to Twitter to confirm the fourth movie.

As to where Sharknado will take place, that’s an unknown. Even the writer of the first three is saying it is getting increasingly difficult to script. Sharknado 3 took place in DC with the ‘nado’ heading down to South Florida.

sharknado 3 syfy

Sharknado 4? I think it’s time to take our guilty pleasure global.


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