Halo Infinite The Pit remake

Halo Infinite To Get Iconic ‘The Pit’ Map When Forge Beta Launches

343 Industries has released a handful of videos showing the possibilities of Halo Infninte’s Forge, but they mainly highlight certain features or toolsets. During this past weekend’s Orlando Major, the devs unveiled a remake of one of the community’s favorite maps – The Pit from Halo 3. 

The rugged construction look of the original gives way to a remake that looks cleaner and bathed in purple neon light. I’m not the biggest fan of the aesthetic changes, but there’s no denying the capabilities of the new Forge mode.

A Throwback Throwdown was hosted with current and former Halo pros as they jumped into the Forge remake to relive some classic memories.

Once again, Forge continues to impress. While the toolset has always been powerful, the visuals of the latest build are far beyond what the editor has allowed in the past. The map is still a work in progress, according to the devs, so we can expect to see some tweaks to the map before it hits in November.

So, when can we all get our hands on this remake? We don’t have a specific release date yet, but the devs made it a point that Forge will release first, then the map. So, hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long after the November 8th release of Forge to get our hands on The Pit remake. 

While Forge looks fantastic, I’m curious to see how integration into the broader game will work. Will Forge maps be added to playlist rotation quickly? Or, will players have to go hunt for maps and players to be able to play them? 343 needs to make playing them as easy as possible. A custom game browser at a minimum. But quick playlist updates adding Forge maps to the rotation would be best. 

We won’t have to wait long to see how all this will work when Forge hits with the Winter Update on November 8th.