The world lost a comedic force yesterday when Joan Rivers passed away at the age of 81. Last night, late night comedians across the networks paid tribute to the late Rivers.

David Letterman called Rivers “a real pioneer for other women looking for careers in stand-up comedy.”

“And talk about guts – she would come out here and sit in this chair and say some things there were unbelievable, just where you would have to swallow pretty hard and twice but it was hilarious.”

Conan O’Brien, joined by guest Chris Hardwick, honored Rivers on last night’s episode.

“When she did, it was an event. Everybody in the country would talk about it the next day.” Conan said.

Hardwick talked about how Joan wanted to know how people were communicating in the modern era, and that’s why he believes she stayed relevant for so long.

“She never lost her edge,” Hardwick said.

Jimmy Kimmel talked about her success as a woman in comedy and how much she loved comedy.

“And besides being a pioneer for women in comedy, for everyone in comedy, Joan was a very lucky person because she loved her job so much, she never wanted to stop and she didn’t have to stop, because she was still great at it.”

Kimmel’s guest Sarah Silverman expressed her feelings. “I am broken inside,” Silverman said. “She was a hero to me and I loved her very much… I think a lot of people, when they die at 81, you go, ‘Well, she was 81, she had an amazing life.’ But she wasn’t done. Right now, she was at her most vital.”

Seth Meyers remembered Joan for her quick jokes. “I haven’t been doing this very long but I have never sat next to anyone who told more jokes faster than Joan Rivers did when she was here.”

Craig Ferguson remembered Joan as the ‘Fashion Police’ host and hopes when she “meets the man upstairs he is wearing something she can insult.”


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