Wonder Woman was the breakout star of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, so it makes sense the standalone could be the turnaround DC’s cinematic universe is looking for. DC hasn’t had issues at the box office, but fans are looking for something more.

The latest Wonder Woman trailer shows the franchise could be righting the ship. Sure, it’s a trailer, and we all know the trap those set. But Warner Bros has done well with the trailers.

No overt spoiling of the movie, unlike a certain blockbuster movie which released a trailer last week. Yeah, looking at you Universal for showing us the entire Fate of the Furious movie in trailer form.

For once, I like the origin story. The burnout from the incessant Spider Man origin tales has receded. We get to see a young Diana training and a nice tease of her not knowing who or what she really is. Comic book fans know, but it’s great to see the marketing for the film isn’t beating us over the head with all the answers.

wonder woman and tina guo

Granted, it’s only March. The film releases wide in June, but we can hope marketing stays the course and lets the trailers offer up action scenes and enough comic relief to avoid the film from becoming a brooding mess.

Plus the music. It’s not Wonder Woman anymore without Tina Guo on the electric cello. The entire score throughout the trailer is spot on. Now we wait for the marketing blitz to begin in earnest as June gets closer and closer.

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