Who wants to buy new cables? Come on, show some courage people. Apple revealed the redesigned Macbook Pro and brought along a DJ to drop a beat. Flagship notebook launch right after the reveal of the iPhone 7.

That’s courage people. Especially considering the charging cable on your already scratched Jet Black iPhone 7 can’t plug into your new Macbook Pro. Yeah….

The USB 3.0 ports are gone and replaced with 2-4 Thunderbolt 3 connections (13-inch has two, 15-inch has four). Those would be USB-C connections and not compatible with what’s in the box of your iPhone 7. Thinking about charging your phone while trying to select the right damn emoji on the TouchBar? You need a new cable for that.

Digging the new Apple earbuds and want to watch some Netflix on the new Retina display? You’re gonna need an adapter for that.

There is good news. Apple kept the headphone jack, so if you have a pair of iPhone 6 earbuds, you’re good to go.

Debating if we all just watched a parody of an Apple conference and the real one happens at a later date. Everything seemed a bit off. Even Jony Ive’s disembodied voice sounded forlorn. Cheer up buddy. Maybe you can get Siri to play Pure Imagination.

Will there be adapters? Of course. You can buy them now from the usual stores. But it forces consumers outside the Apple ecosystem. And they did it twice today. Want an Apple 5K cinema display? Say hello to LG who partnered with Apple on the new display.

Microsoft is diving headfirst into their own ecosystem with Surface. Apple has completely switched roles with old Microsoft and is offloading components to third-party manufacturers. I think the red pill was cut with something special this week.

Oh, and a flashy new iMac to rival the Surface Studio? Not happening this year and the Mac Pro is currently printing on milk cartons everywhere.

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