Mafia 3 is happening. The news comes from the official game’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

An announcement trailer will reveal the game to all of us on August 5.

A quick peek at Mafia’s website shows Hanger 13 is developing the title. One of Hanger 13’s key design pillars is that “every player story is unique.” Hanger 13 wants to create games that give you complete freedom. From gameplay to creating your own, unique stories. How will that tie in with Mafia 3? Next week’s announcement trailer should give us some idea.

The first picture (seen above) tells us what period Mafia 3 will be set in. Those aren’t 1940s – 50s cars like Mafia 2. These muscle cars look more like something set in the 1970s. The four characters tease possible co-op. Or, maybe Hanger 13 is going the GTA V route with more than one protagonist.

Sign me up for multiple protagonists. I loved how Rockstar implemented it in GTA V.

Mafia 3 is an enormous undertaking for Hanger 13’s first game. Developers have been nailing open-world games lately from GTA V to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

This might be Hanger 13’s first game, but the people behind the name have plenty of experience. Haden Blackman is studio head and worked on Star War titles including Star Wars Galaxies and The Force Unleashed. Other members of the team were involved with titles including Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Star Wars 1313, Mafia 2 and more. They are no strangers to working on AAA games.

What do you think of the Mafia 3 announcement? Do the four characters suggest co-op or multiple protagonists? Which would you rather have?


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