First it was a tease, but now we have the full trailer. And, damn does it look like a wild ride. Plus, whatever Scientology magic he uses, Tom Cruise never ages. The movies just keep getting better. Maybe it’s the willingness of Tom Cruise to handle his own death defying stunts.

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation returns Cruise as Ethan Hunt along with Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames. Unfortunately, I’m not seeing Paula Patton from the previous films. Damn it, she had a cool character from Ghost Protocol.

Replacing her is a new recruit, played by Rebecca Ferguson. Whatever fight training she had, it worked. She’s kicking more ass than Tom Cruise in the trailer.

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Plot

This is more of a popcorn movie, but it does have a cool plot. Ethan Hunt is being tracked down by The Syndicate, a group of rogue assassins who are the anti-IMF. Toss in Alec Baldwin being evil and the government trying to shutter the IMF and it all equals amazing action sequences.

tom cruise mission impossible

The biggest stunt sequence has to be Tom Cruise / Ethan Hunt hanging from a transport plane. Yes, Cruise actually performed this stunt himself. I get freaked out just boarding a plane, much less trusting a few wires to hold me in place outside the damn thing.

Mission Impossible and Star Wars

There was some give and take between Paramount and Disney. Mission Impossible moved itself out of the December slate to avoid the juggernaut that is Star Wars.

In addition, you probably recognize the ‘Rogue’ name. While Paramount cleared the name some time ago with the MPAA, Disney has agreed to not market Rogue One, the first Star Wars spin off film. This agreement lasts through the summer, while Mission Impossible is in theaters.

tom cruise plane stunt

Those ready to get their Ethan Hunt fix should mark their calendars for July 31. Yeah, I can’t wait either.

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