This is not the ‘one more thing’ the Sorkin-backed Steve Jobs biopic was hoping for. After Aaron Sorkin announced two weeks ago that Christian Bale would play the title character, he has pulled out. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he ‘came to the conclusion that he wasn’t right for the part and decided to withdraw.’

This was before contract negotiations had even begun, so casting news should probably wait until they are at least nearing signing an actor. Christian Bale dropping from consideration is the second high-profile actor backing away from the project. Leonardo DiCaprio withdrew his name from consideration back in October.

So, is the movie in trouble? Not likely. It has a director, and there are plenty of other A-list stars that could jump into the role. Bradley Cooper, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are said to be under consideration.

Other casting rumors has Seth Rogen set to play Steve Wozniak in the film. Negotiations haven’t started yet with Rogen, so the casting hasn’t been commented on.

Losing Bale is a blow to both Sorkin and the director Danny Boyle. Both wanted him in the role, with Sorkin going out of his way to praise him as an actor. Now, they are left with plan B when it comes to casting for the Jobs biopic.

Outside of the director, nothing is confirmed on the movie. Release date and casting news should be coming soon, and we’ll keep you informed of any breaking news on those two fronts.


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