Another Assassin’s Creed Unity trailer hit today, and it’s the most interesting one yet. We’ve known the French Revolution will be our battle ground since the game’s announcement. But today, we find out the ‘when’ may be a bit different.

“Assassin, watch out,” says a voice-over, “the French Revolution simulation is collapsing. I don’t know what time period you’ll end up in.”

Arno goes from leaping around rooftops in French Revolution-era Paris, to scaling the Eiffel Tower during the Nazi occupation in World War II.

Trade your hand-crossbow for a mounted machine gun as you shoot planes out of the sky.

Today’s trailer throws up a lot more questions about Unity. How long do these sequences last? Is all of Paris explorable in both times? It would definitely make the game feel a lot bigger.

Now that your Assassin jumps through time, what would you like to see?

Me? I just want an ocean and my boat back.


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