Heard the rumor the Japanese government is enlisting the support of Fujifilm to buy a stake in the camera company? It gets its credence after Nikon had to announce the extraordinary loss event and had a massive round of layoffs. Now we get the ‘news’ the government of Japan wants to help Nikon out of a bind using Fuji.

The initial report came from an anonymous Japanese blogging platform that is similar to blogger. Anyone can start a blog and write whatever the hell they want. The plot thickens a bit with an industry magazine excerpt that reads:

“Nikon relief” FUJIFILM emerged
“Beginners” are Mitsubishi UFJ and the Ministry of International Trade and Industry
June 2017 issue

Reconstruction observation of Nikon and Fujifilm Holdings (HD) prestigious precision equipment including single lens reflex cameras is rapidly emerging. It is said that it is said that it is said that the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the main bank of Nikon, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ.

Nikon and fuji merger rumor

Yeah. Thanks, Google Translate. Awesome job. Two ways of looking at this and both equal the story is bogus. One is the Japanese government has employed quantitative easing similar to what the Federal Reserve does here. In the United States, it was mostly bond purchases, but there’s no reason the Japanese government could have a rescue plan drawn up to help rescue Nikon if it needs it.

The second is we’ve heard variations of this story before involving both Sony and Samsung. Neither happened.

And then there’s the fact leaking merger information of this sort is illegal. It’s one thing to remark on a possible government intervention, but adding Fuji to the mix invites scrutiny from regulators. The kind that lands you in jail.

Nikon is ignoring the unsourced rumors which is smart. How about announcing a mirrorless camera? Come on Nikon, give us something amazing for the 100th anniversary.

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