Guardians of the Galaxy is gearing up for a monster weekend at the box office. Last night, Marvel’s latest offering netted $11.2 million. It now holds the top spot for a Thursday night this year. How does that compare to other box office successes? It topped the $10.2 million Captain America: The Winter Soldier snagged back in early April.

Guardians of The Galaxy’s massive Thursday night open should help unseat The Bourne Ultimatum as the top August opening of all time.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier went on to earn $95 million for its weekend. Guardians of the Galaxy should see a similar opening weekend if early box office trends hold.

Guardians of the Galaxy has seen universal praise. Out of 150 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, 137 are fresh – netting it a Rotten Tomatoes score of 91%.

Early hype has been so high, Marvel and Disney have already announced plans for a sequel releasing on July 28, 2017. Gunn is said to be returning to direct.

Guardians of the Galaxy needed last night’s solid showing as it looks to recoup the $170 million it cost to produce. It’s a Marvel movie. Production costs will be easily surpassed.

Here’s a list of some of this summer’s biggest movies and their opening night, plus total opening weekend box office.

Godzilla. Opening night: $9.3 million. Weekend box office: $93.2 million
Transformers: Age of Extinction. Opening night: $8.8 million. Weekend box office: $100 million
The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Opening night: $8.7 million. Weekend box office: $91.6 million.

Guardians of the Galaxy’s box office haul this weekend is sure to be a big one.


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