After a lull in camera announcements, Panasonic is gearing up to launch a video-centric mirrorless camera to the masses. Hey, something to finally nudge Sony to announce the a7sIII. Thanks, Panasonic. All seriousness, Sony quit teasing and announce the camera.

On Friday, Panasonic will unveil its latest full-frame mirrorless (the Panasonic S1H), and we get to hear Jared Polin say the ‘L-Mount Alliance.’ It gets stuck in your head. What about specs? Think heavy into video with the photography features along for the ride. It screams niche and not hybrid, but let’s see how it shakes out on Friday.

The most eye-popping rumor is the price. And it’s not good news. Rumors have it between $5000 and $6000. Ok, it better be one badass camera which doubles as my personal assistant.

Here are the rumored specs which feel spot-on:

New Full Frame sensors

Records 6K24p and 4k60p

Records 10bit 4:2:2 internal at 30p and external 60p

14 stops Dynamic Range


6K footage? Why hello stacks of SD cards. And piles of hard drives. Good lord, can you imagine the file size? I’ll take it.

Other rumors sound a bit like fanfiction calling it the ‘Cinematographer’s dream camera.’ Hmm, probably not, but it’s good to be excited. Another is the claim it’s built like a tank which I assume means weather sealing and expect it to be slightly bigger than the S1/S1R for better heat dissipation. Watch this one if it pans out. If the body size increases for heat dissipation, it means there was a problem, and everyone will be watching to see if it was fixed.

And that wraps the spec rumors for now. Now we wait for what precisely new sensors means. Will we get 4K120p? Dual card slots? I know. Had to throw it in there. Actually, can we get a hard drive bay at this point cause 6K24p needs storage space?

Check back with us on Friday as we will host the livestream for the Cine Gear Expo.

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