I’m pretty sure Google should spot Jimmy Fallon partial ownership in YouTube at this point. Every video he puts up with a celeb is instant viral gold. Last night was no different with his guest Christina Aguilera.

The pop singer was on promoting this season of The Voice on NBC, and Jimmy Fallon challenged her to a game of musical impressions. First up was Christina singing the Folger’s Coffee jingle as Cher, which was pretty spot on.

Then came what we all wanted to happen. The wheel landing on Britney Spears. It could have been any song, but in this case it was ‘This Little Piggy.’

It is hilarious and spot-on impression of the former Mickey Mouse Club member and pop icon rival.

She finished it off with an impression of the Shakira singing the Golden Girls theme. Is it all random? Of course, but the writers on The Tonight Show know how to win the Internet. Or, at the very least, they know where its core audience spends the bulk of their time.

Watch the video below. And prepare to feel old.


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