Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is a story we know well. But it will take us to worlds we’ve never seen featured in a Star Wars movie before. LucasFilms just released the first poster and I love it.

Star Wars Rogue One poster

This is Scarif. It’s the same world we saw the menacing AT-ATs shooting at Rebels in the trailer from April. It might look like a lush paradise, but for our heroes – it’s far from it.

During a panel that just wrapped up, director Gareth Edwards talked about using the Maldives to bring Scarif to life. The many Stormtroopers we’ll see on this planet were actually played by Maldivian soldiers. Edwards went on to tell us a hilarious story about that as he showed one of my favorite images from Star Wars ever.

Star Wars Rogue One Scarif

“As we’re filming it, we go up to them and ask them if they’re excited they got to play stormtroopers,” Edwards said. “They’re like, ‘no.’ So we asked them, ‘Do you know about Star Wars?’ and they said, ‘No.’ So we asked them if they felt like idiots and they said, ‘Yes.'”

I’m sure those soldiers will know all about Star Wars later this year.

Remember the scene with the AT-ATs shooting at the Rebels in the first trailer?

We got a different angle of this same shot in a new behind-the-scenes sizzle reel today.

And we see what Jyn Erso was holding in her left hand as she’s running. I first thought it was just another blaster in the first trailer. Turns out, it looks like she’s running with what looks like a hard-drive. The Imperials didn’t just screw up with a big ass exhaust port. They’re also still running Windows 98. Fast forward to 1:28 to see Erso running with the Death Star plans(?) in her hand.

What we know about Scarif

Earlier this month, a handful of images from the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story book. We already know how the world looks. The preview images tell us this is the planet where the Death Star is being constructed.

“Huge tracts of land were excavated to build ships and supply the Death Star,” reads one of the pages according to Making Star Wars. The preview images also mention the world is protected by powerful shields. This will be of the many obstacles facing our rag-tag team of Rebels as they steal the Death Star plans.

I love the sights of a beautiful world juxtaposed with the tyranny of the Empire. What ultimately happens to Scarif? What if Alderaan wasn’t the first firing of the Death Star? Now that would be epic.

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