Back in April, Bungie fired their longtime composer Marty O’Donnell. O’Donnell claimed the firing was “without cause” shortly after it occurred.

Fast forward to June and O’Donnell filed suit against Bungie’s CEO Harold Ryan for unpaid time off.

Yesterday, the two sides agreed to a settlement. The settlement equals $95,019.13. The unpaid wages equaled $38,385.50, which were doubled as part of O’Donnell’s original suit. Attorney fees came in at $16,449.39 and pre-judgment interest made up the rest at $1,798.74.

This week’s settlement doesn’t necessarily end talks between O’Donnell and Bungie since the settlement was between two individuals. We may never know what comes of the arbitration between O’Donnell and his former employer. Those matters are private and rarely leak.

You can hear O’Donnell’s final work with Bungie in the Destiny beta tomorrow and the final game in September.

My favorite piece of music from Destiny’s beta comes during The Last Array story mission. Check it out in the video below. Fast forward to around 8:30.


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