Well, I hate April. The jokes are easy to see through, not well thought out or just plain odd. But then you have the outliers that make you wish it was all true. Then you glance at the calendar are remember. April Fool’s Day. Damn…

The outlier for 2016? IGN’s brilliant Netflix teaser for a live-action Star Wars series releasing on May 4.

Oh, you lovable bastards, IGN. Why must you tempt us with this? A live-action show shot in a way that’s darker than the movies? Dare I say Daredevil-esque? Good lord, I’d lock myself in the house and watch it over and over again.

If IGN wanted to drive people absolutely nuts, they should have dropped the opening scene of the Jedi. Keep with the fast, dark cuts that show off enhanced force abilities. And tighten up the Netflix branding.

IGN Star Wars Netflix trailer

Star Wars Live-Action on Netflix

The trailer may be IGN’s April Fool’s Day prank, but the idea is sound. A Star Wars show is inevitable and what better spot than Netflix. The Marvel deal is in place. Why not tack on a Star Wars show?

Disney will want to milk the cash cow that is Star Wars for all its worth. And a darker take on the universe? Sign me the hell up. Hell, they could make it a separate one-off Netflix charge, and I’d still happily buy it.

And there have been rumors that Disney is thinking exactly this. As many as three live-action shows have been rumored over the past year. The company is enjoying the high of its studios – Marvel and Lucasfilm – blowing out expectations and the success of Daredevil.

Go ahead, make our dreams come true with a Star Wars show. 13 episodes in one day? Challenge accepted.

Well played, IGN. Best and the worst April Fool’s Day 2016 prank.

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