Tom Cruise in The Mummy

The Mummy as a Mission: Impossible Movie Works Too Damn Well

Everyone loves the Cruise Missile, but we were all thinking the same thing when The Mummy trailer came out. That’s a good looking Mission: Impossible movie. The folks at ScreenCrush agreed and made a trailer mashing the two movies that is just too good.

Outside of Sofia Boutella’s Mummy (Ahmanet) – it looks just like a Mission: Impossible trailer. Add a pinch of Simon Pegg and a few voiceovers, and you have Ethan Hunt doing his thing with a supernatural twist. Hell, ScreenCrush even mashed up the dust storm scene from Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol perfectly with Ahmanet using her powers in The Mummy.

I wasn’t sold when I first heard about Universal resurrecting The Mummy. Adding Tom Cruise to the mix helps, but they have a tough hill to climb to best 1999’s The Mummy. It probably doesn’t hold up 15+ years later, but I loved it back in the day.

Then again, this is Tom Cruise we’re talking about. I can’t remember a movie he has done in recent years that wasn’t entertaining as hell. Toss in Sofia Boutella and Russell Crowe and the cast is here for a solid reboot.

Here’s the official trailer for The Mummy if you missed it.

It wouldn’t be a Tom Cruise movie without a real plane bringing the action to life. Watch Tom Cruise and cast do a parabolic flight with Novespace to simulate the crashing plane from the trailer. Fun fact: Novespace is a subsidiary of the French National Space Center (CNES).

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