The Mummy as a Mission: Impossible Movie Works Too Damn Well

Tom Cruise in The Mummy

Everyone loves the Cruise Missile, but we were all thinking the same thing when The Mummy trailer came out. That’s a good looking Mission: Impossible movie. The folks at ScreenCrush agreed and made a trailer mashing the two movies that is just too good.

Outside of Sofia Boutella’s Mummy (Ahmanet) – it looks just like a Mission: Impossible trailer. Add a pinch of Simon Pegg and a few voiceovers, and you have Ethan Hunt doing his thing with a supernatural twist. Hell, ScreenCrush even mashed up the dust storm scene from Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol perfectly with Ahmanet using her powers in The Mummy.

I wasn’t sold when I first heard about Universal resurrecting The Mummy. Adding Tom Cruise to the mix helps, but they have a tough hill to climb to best 1999’s The Mummy. It probably doesn’t hold up 15+ years later, but I loved it back in the day.

Then again, this is Tom Cruise we’re talking about. I can’t remember a movie he has done in recent years that wasn’t entertaining as hell. Toss in Sofia Boutella and Russell Crowe and the cast is here for a solid reboot.

Here’s the official trailer for The Mummy if you missed it.

It wouldn’t be a Tom Cruise movie without a real plane bringing the action to life. Watch Tom Cruise and cast do a parabolic flight with Novespace to simulate the crashing plane from the trailer. Fun fact: Novespace is a subsidiary of the French National Space Center (CNES).

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