Set the Oscar buzz to max for Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy. Both star in the upcoming The Revenant. Infamous for its grueling cold weather production, The Revenant’s first trailer is a masterpiece.

Watching the trailer, it gives off a Last of the Mohicans vibe, but grittier. Directed by Academy Award winner Alejandro G. Iñárritu, the film is packed with a who’s who of Hollywood. Tom Hardy even talks in the movie, and you can understand him.

DiCaprio plays Hugh Glass, the leader of a group of frontiersmen who are on the verge of mutiny. In the opening scenes of the trailer, you get a look at the group fighting off a Native American war party.

The tables turn against Leonardo DiCaprio’s Glass when he is attacked by a bear. The cinematography behind that scene is jaw-dropping. Severely wounded, Tom Hardy’s John Fitzgerald seizing the chance to take over.

the revenant starring leonardo dicaprio

Fitzgerald kills the ‘half-breed son’ of Glass and tosses Hugh into a shallow grave. Yeah, you know what’s coming next. They should have made sure DiCaprio’s character was dead.

Returning to civilization, Hardy’s character lies to his boss:

“We did what we had to do. He was buried right.”

Instead, you have a pissed of Hugh Glass out for vengeance. “I ain’t afraid of dying anymore. I done it already.”

The film opens in select cities on December 25 to qualify for award season. Those of us not in major markets? We have to wait until January 8.

Consider me sold. It’s hard to come up with a bad movie from Leonardo DiCaprio. And the way the film is shot damn near guarantees it more than one technical Oscar.


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