Total War Pharaoh announcement

Total War: Pharaoh Announcement Teases Campaign Customization Feature

For Total War fans who like their games grounded in history, it’s been three years since the last game scratched that itch with Total War Saga: Troy. The folks behind the popular strategy franchise, Creative Assembly, have announced Total War: Pharaoh. And we won’t have to wait long to play it. Total War’s take on ancient Egypt releases this October on PC via Steam and Epic. 

Here’s the announcement trailer

The Steam listing for Total War: Pharaoh gives us a few details ahead of the June 1 gameplay reveal.

The devs tease a robust Campaign Customization feature. Here’s how the devs describe it:

“With a brand-new Campaign Customisation feature, no two campaigns will ever feel the same. Determine how you play with an extended range of campaign customization options, such as random starting positions for all factions, detailed resource settings, the ability to toy with natural disasters and much more.”

They also highlight what they describe as “dynamic battles” with sudden weather changes which “directly impact the surrounding terrain.” Using fire to take out enemies in forests also returns. Here’s a screenshot showing off the fire effects in-game.

Total War: Pharaoh is not a Saga game like Total War: Troy was. This is a mainline Total War game focused on an entire historical period, the Bronze Age Collapse. Saga games focus on more singular points in history. 

Total War: Pharaoh will launch with three editions starting with the base game at $59.99. The Deluxe comes with the first DLC Faction Pack and a Digital Soundtrack, costing $72.87. And the Dynasty Edition includes three DLC Faction Packs, a DLC Campaign Pack, and the Digital Soundtrack for $91.46. The discounts for buying the other two editions are baked into the price already versus how much it would cost to purchase each DLC individually. 

Our first look at gameplay will go live on Total War’s YouTube channel on June 1.