Sunday is becoming summer’s clogged DVR day. Five shows, all with varying degrees of watchability. Easily the most buzzed-about show is the second season of True Detective. My favorite of the lot has to be the second season of Last Ship. Is it cheesy? Yeah, but endearingly so.

It is also the most American show you can watch. Last week’s episode doesn’t get any more ‘America’ unless you had a flag snuggie on, eating a hot dog and were listening to country music at the same time. And, I love a good post-apocalyptic show.

True Detective

True Detective took a page out of Game of Thrones’ book. Velcoro took a double shotgun blast to end last week’s episode. Until I see a body in the dirt or on fire, I’m not buying he is dead. Bean bag rounds? Rock salt? The theories started soon after the scene. One thing was noticeably absent – blood. HBO revels in showing us gory deaths of characters.

Velcoro will be fine. A little sore, but fine.

HBO is playing coy with zero scenes of Colin in this week’s preview. I still think Velcoro is in the living column. Plus Colin Farrell’s IMDB page backs it up. Unless they plan on diving into flashback scenes, Velcoro is in all eight episodes.

Everyone, including me, will be watching for what happens next with Velcoro. True Detective season 2 started off rocky, but you have me onboard, HBO. For now.

The Last Ship

After the two-hour premiere, last week’s third episode was a bit over-the-top in ‘we’re America, damn it.’ The speech to the pilots spreading the cure was hilarious and was almost a parody of the Independence Day speech.

What you need to know is the USS Nathan James arrived in Norfolk, VA after hitting the White House for intel. Ground parties were sent out to find families that lived in the area. Some found their families, while others were left with a lingering mystery or finding their entire family on death records at a local hospital.

the last ship season two

Captain Chandler had a moment of raking leaves before his daughter and father put him back in his place to return the ship.

Its new mission? A lab in Florida needs the cure, and Dr. Rachel Scott’s mentor is there running the secret facility.

A new enemy is emerging, with Niels Sørensen having a bit too big of an appearance in the third episode to be coincidental. He was patient zero in the pandemic, recklessly creating the virus and injecting him with it. Why? I’m sure it has something to do with the group called the ‘immunes.’

The Last Ship is good fun. Don’t expect Emmy-style performances, but for a popcorn show on TNT, it delivers.

Falling Skies

The endcap to TNT’s Sunday of action. I still can’t get over Noah Wyle in an action role, but I’m invested. Take the Last Ship’s cheese and crank it to 11. There are more one-liners in the show than a 90s action movie.

It can be so bad at times it’s actually good. If you’ve been a fan from the start, enjoy this season. TNT has already announced it is the show’s last.


Dwayne Johnson can just sit around, bs with people and I’d watch. Ballers is his first real entry into a drama series, and he carries the show. Rob Corddry’s character cracks me up, but The Rock is the star of this HBO show.

If you’re looking for something quick to watch before you hit the bed, it clocks in at 30 minutes. I wish it were given an hour, but HBO saves that for proven shows, or what they think will be marquee franchises.

For those of you who haven’t seen an episode, imagine Entourage with characters you actually like.

The Brink

Brink rounds out our Sunday TV fest. It is one of those ‘love it, or hate it’ shows. Jack Black’s humor is just that way. I do love seeing Tim Robbins back in a comedic role, and I’ll watch Aasif Mandvi in anything.

Why can’t he host the Daily Show? Or better yet, give him a companion show with John Oliver.

Below is the preview for this week’s episode.

So, a Sunday of television. Seeing as none of you watch Terminator, I’m assuming you were saving your screen time for tonight. What shows are your must watch this summer? Are you committed to True Detective? How about the lovable cheese of The Last Ship?

Let me know in the comments.


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