We’ve seen the heartbreaking photos from the ground showing scores of dead in the Gaza strip. No matter where you fall on the Israel/Gaza issue, the Gaza offensive is coming at a terrible price for innocent civilians.

An astronaut aboard the International Space Station tweeted a photo yesterday showing the region in a different perspective. Astronaut Alexander Gerst called it his “saddest photo yet” and said they can see the explosions and rockets flying over Gaza and Israel.

Israel Gaza space

In the picture above, north is right and south is left. The black blob in the upper quarter of the picture is the Mediterranean Sea. The brightest spot in the upper right is Tel Aviv. About 40 miles to the left, or south, of that is Gaza City. That’s where all the fighting is primarily happening.

What’s the latest news out of the region? More than 700 Palestinians have died so far. Hamas militants have fired more than 2,000 rockets into Israel and have been putting up stiff resistance in Gaza City. International flights into Israel were halted for a couple of days, but regulators have given the go ahead to resume flights. Both sides show no sign of letting up.

If this is your first time hearing about Alexander Gerst’s Twitter, do make sure to check it out. He posts incredible pictures of the Earth every day from the International Space Station.


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