Four Months After First Batman Game Tease, Warner Bros. Montreal Is At It Again

Last September, after four years of silence, the WB Games Montreal Twitter woke up to tweet about Batman’s 80th anniversary. The next day, they released a teaser captioned with ‘Capture the Knight.’ 

Fast forward four months later to today, and WB Games Montreal hit us with the same caption, but a different image.

They posted different teases on Facebook and Instagram. Fans quickly stitched them together to get this.

Yep, that’s a tease alright. It’s not much to go on, besides building hype for what I hope is an imminent announcement on the next Batman game from the folks who created Batman: Arkham Origins. 

Hey Warner Bros., don’t let another four months go by. Enough cryptic teases, show us what you all have been working on. 

While concrete details have been hard to come by, rumors point to the game being called Batman: Arkham Legacy and featuring multiple player characters. The tweet I’m embedding below is from a user who got a lot of details surrounding E3 2019 right beforehand. 

A new Batman game is coming. That much we know. We’ll have to wait and see how long Warner Bros. wants to go after today’s tease before giving us a proper reveal. And with new console hardware coming later this year, it should be one hell of a reveal.