Wickr’s New Timed Feeds Comes With a Facebook Twist

Wickr’s newest feature is called the Wickr Timed Feed, or WTF. It lets you share photos with up to 151 of your closest friends and family securely on its app for 24 hours. It’s how it ties into Facebook that is awesome.

When you link your Wickr photos on Facebook, the image turns into a cat. Steganography with cute kitties. If you start seeing a friend’s Facebook feed dominated by cat pictures, you’ll know they are using Wickr. Or, they are a crazy cat person. Check out the video below to see it in action.

Why cats? We all know why. Pictures and gifs of cats dominate the internet. And, Wickr dived into that question in its announcement.

They cite several stats including how 350,000 cat owners have created Twitter or Facebook accounts for their cats. Damn, if you maintain a social media account for your pet – you have too much time on your hands.

Here’s some more mind blowing stats about cats and the internet. We searched the word ‘cats’ more than 30 million times per month. Instagram users have posted 49 million posts of cats on Instagram. And last year, 3.8 million cat videos and photos were shared every day.

All I can do is shake my head at those stats.

What do you think of Wickr’s new feature? Also, let me know if you are a Wickr user how you are liking it.

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