Game 7. Ten innings. The stage was set for a historic Game 7 last night and the Cubs and Indians delivered. We all tried to take a break from watching politics to witness the Cubs get their first MLB championship in 108 years. Unfortunately, the political ads followed us. But it only took a quick trip to the fridge to ignore those.

Last night’s 8-7 Cubs victory earned an overnight rating of 25.2 according to Fox. It was the highest rating since Luis Gonzalez hit a bloop single in 2001’s Game 7 to make the Arizona Diamondbacks MLB champs. That Game 7 earned a 27.0 rating.

At least 39.2 million people tuned in to watch the Cubs pull out to an early lead only for the Indians to claw their way back.

In Chicago, the vast majority of TVs were tuned in earning a record 51.2 rating and a 71 share. That means 71% of TVs in Chicago were tuned to the game. And a huge number of folks gathered around them second guessing Joe Maddon’s pitching decisions. That second guessing lasted until the final out. Then it turned to elation.

The Cubs showed that no 3-1 lead is safe. The Cleveland Cavaliers did the same to Golden State. Thankfully. Could you imagine the heartbreak in Cleveland if both the Cavs and Indians lost in the same year? It hurts for the Indians faithful this morning, but they always have LeBron to fall back on. And don’t even look at the Browns. I don’t think even Theo Epstein could right that ship.

What other people watched

Despite a historic Game 7, ABC still pulled decent numbers for the CMA Awards. The Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley hosted country music get together drew 12.75 million viewers.

Nearly 7 million ‘Survivor’ diehards decided MLB history wasn’t worth it.

I’m back onboard with America’s pastime

I haven’t watched baseball in years, but I couldn’t pass up a Cubs/Indians World Series. My sports watching lately revolves around 5-hour SEC football games on CBS. I love Verne but thank god CBS didn’t have the World Series. We’d probably still be watching it.

I found myself enjoying the slower pace last night. Plus, every pitch was gut-wrenching to watch in the later innings. Just when I thought the Cubs had it in the bag, Lester throws a wild pitch, and two runs scored.

The past week or so watching the World Series has been a welcome distraction from the insane media coverage of the election. I can’t stomach more than about 15 minutes of CNN, anyways. But watching the Cubs win last night let me forget all the election BS.

I know you caught the game last night. What one moment stands out for you besides the last out? I loved seeing David Ross wrap up his career with a solo jack to center field.

When I’m not playing Rocket League (best game ever), you can find me writing about all things games, space and more. You can reach me at alex@newsledge.com

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