Day one and Trials players get a patch to upgrade the resolution. Not to 1080p, where the PS4 version is, but to 900p. An arcade game with resolution differences. With the Xbox One failing to match the PS4’s specs, it is yet another ding against the console. It may be time to stop focusing on the all-one-entertainment box and make sure, graphically, the games are the same fidelity.

While both games run at 60fps, it is becoming an all too common occurrence with next generation hardware. Xbox can’t quite make it to 1080p. If the developers have issue with a dirt bike game, what will be the issues be when a true next-generation shooter comes along? Will Destiny or other high profile multi platform games have to compromise on resolution for the game to work?

We already saw TitanFall’s resolution come in at 792p. A console exclusive that fails to hit the mark on HD. And let’s be honest, the gameplay drives this game, not the graphics. Still, graphics are a major reason gamers adopt next-gen hardware. With E3 just around the corner, Microsoft needs to make a big splash with games for its hardcore audience. For that matter, Sony does too.

The game drought is upon us for the next generation as we await the next deluge of titles coming this holiday season.

For those looking to buy Trials, it is $20 as a digital download, or $40 for a physical copy. The physical disc includes bonus unlockable items and a DLC pass.


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