Call of Duty Warzone Is Nearly Here, For Sure This Time

UPDATE: Activision makes it official with one hell of a trailer, and a blog post detailing the mode.

Original article follows.

It’s been rumored for months, teased for weeks, and the ‘Classified’ tab of the main menu just tripped over with a 24-hour timer. I jumped on and grabbed the screenshot below.

That combined with a leak gameplay points to a March 10 release for the long-awaited Battle Royale mode in Modern Warfare.

About 11-minutes worth of gameplay went live this morning after someone goofed on their upload time. But as we all know, anything that pops up on the internet is there for good. Details from the video were quickly posted to Reddit, and other YouTube channels (here’s a link that’s still live as of publishing) started posting the now-deleted video. 

Here are some important bits that jump out.

Free to play. Not a huge surprise here as the free-to-play model is popular with the genre. There’s also cross-play and saved progression. Again, Modern Warfare already had cross-play, but always good to see the feature. 

Player counts of up to 150. A 100+ player count was one of the first rumors about Warzone. It’ll be interesting to see how map size, gas movement, and gameplay come together with such a high player count. 

Map is a mashup of new and old. Classic maps like Terminal, Overgrown, Scrapyard, and Broadcast are in the massive map along with Ground War maps and new areas. Now we need Overgrown included in regular multiplayer.

Squad Leader. It’s akin to the jumpmaster role in Apex Legends. 

This Reddit post has a breakdown of everything in the video including gameplay info, weapons, pinging, ammo, the Gulag feature, and more. 

With the ‘Classified’ tab now including a timer, and the leaked video, I’m hoping we see a more official later today. The good news is, Warzone is finally almost here. Based on the timer, it should go live tomorrow morning.