It seems this Walt Disney World tourist missed the part in Beauty and the Beast that said Gaston has biceps to spare. Blake Platt decided to propose a contest to Gaston to see who was the strongest. Yeah, it didn’t go well for the tourist, and Gaston is leaps and bounds cooler in person than the movie.

The video is already a viral sensation, garnering 2.8 million views and climbing. Blake Platt captioned the video: “If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you challenged Gaston to a push-up contest.” C’mon man, it’s a vertical video. No, just no. Blake does beg forgiveness of the Internet for the slight, so we can give him a pass.

The competition starts out even. They match push-up for push-up until the Gaston decides to go one-handed. Yeah, that Disney bootcamp is legit. “It looks like you’re struggling,” Gaston said. “Perhaps he needs a hand.”

Disney should give the guy a serious raise. He has singlehandedly made Gaston likeable. If it’s not him killing a tourist at push-ups, it has to be Gaston vs a 10-year old girl. Spoiler – the girl wins.

Check out the video below. And Blake? There’s a 100 push-ups app for your phone. Keep killing it Gaston. You may not be a Disney prince, but you the man.