The Sony A9 is just now hitting shelves, and already the rumors are flying surrounding the A7III. It’s all rumors, but we are talking about Sony. If the company isn’t releasing a new mirrorless camera body, something is wrong. Talk about a crazy release schedule. Nikon, are you there? It’s your 100th anniversary.

Sony A7III Rumors

So far, the biggest rumors are it will release in the October timeframe and feature the same 24MP sensor as the A9. Another rumor is that it will share the same autofocus system, but not the 20fps framerate. Ok, so budget A9. Match the FPS of the Nikon D5/D500 and consider me sold.

sony a9 and sony a7iii rumors

Another area that’s unclear is whether the A7III will share the same body design or keep with the A7II styling. My guess is if they stick with the A7 branding, we can count on the body remaining the same.

Future Sony A9 Variants

Here’s where it gets murky. If the A7III rumors pan out, it means we could be looking at a two-tier system from the company. The A7 variants borrow from their more expensive A9, but tone down the features. Here’s hoping that means 20fps in a Sony A9r. Yeah, let me dream damn it. Then a feature or two gets watered down for the A7rIII. 10fps? I know, it’s wishful thinking.

October is a ways off. Keep it locked here as we aren’t halfway through June. Sony could launch the a6700 before then. I’m joking. Maybe…

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