Who ya gonna call when facing a Norse apocalypse? Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk. News out of the Marvel universe has the actor suiting up with Chris Hemsworth’s Thor for the third solo outing of Odinson. Now, if Marvel could only keep the movie off Earth for the majority of the film. Please…

Multiple outlets are confirming the news, but it was JoBlo that broke the story. Ruffalo will be joining the cast that includes Tom Hiddleston and Jaimie Alexander. Thor: Ragnarok will also take us to another planet that isn’t Asgard and not Earth.

Planet Hulk? It’s a Marvel storyline, but causal MCU fans might be confused if that happens. When we last saw Banner/Hulk, he was in a Quinjet that was flying off into the sunset. Doesn’t exactly fit with the Planet Hulk storyline, and Marvel directors have been quick to deny it.

James Gunn, director of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, called the idea BS. You just never know. Too many rumors surrounding it for it not being at least discussed at Marvel Studios.

What we do get is Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk before the Avengers: Infinity War. Before the Thor confirmation, it was looking like a wait until we got to see Banner suited up on the silver screen.

Marvel Standalone Films

At this point, Marvel can stop marketing the films as standalone. The trend is clear now. More and more characters are being added to the films that bridge the Avengers films. Take a look at the cast of Captain America: Civil War. It looks like Avengers-lite.

I’m not complaining, Captain America 2 did it to great effect. The movies flow better, and it seems Marvel Studios is learning the lessons of Phase 1. Instead of ‘solo’ films, they are becoming more ensemble. Not quite the character dump of an Avengers film, but enough additions to bring in disparate fans.

Excited to the Hulk teaming up with Thor? Who doesn’t remember the classic Hulk vs. Thor scene from the first Avengers?

Now it’s all about the plot. The memory flashes Thor experienced in Avengers: Age of Ultron set up one hell of a movie. Ragnarok roughly translates as a Norse apocalypse. Come on Marvel. Thor has always lacked a standout film in the MCU.

We have plenty of time to speculate. Directed by Taika Waititi, Thor: Ragnarok will land in theaters on November 3, 2017.


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