Ubisoft just announced Watch Dogs sold more than 4 million units in its first week. Maybe other publishers will now realize that one of the best times to launch a game is when no other games are out. Shocking, I know.

Summer is a notoriously empty time of the year for video games. Very few publishers take advantage of this drought to release AAA games. One of the more high-profile games in recent memory was Red Dead Redemption from Rockstar Games. That title released in mid-May back in 2010.

Ubisoft proves once again with Watch Dogs that there is an appetite for summer releases. Why publishers continue to stack games during the holidays and spring I’ll never know.

Watch Dogs also became Ubisoft’s best selling game ever in week one. That’s quite the accomplishment given this is the same company that brings us Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry. I’m sure the current gen drought also played a role in Watch Dogs’ huge first week.

“With such strong sales momentum and positive feedback from gamers, Watch Dogs has positioned itself as the must-have game of the moment” said Tony Key, senior VP of sales and marketing at Ubisoft, in a press release. “We’re really proud of this achievement, and are confident that the Watch Dogs brand has a promising future.”

Translation, more Watch Dogs inbound.

I’ve been having a blast with Watch Dogs. I would have written a review sooner, but I’m addicted to the 1v1 hacking mode. I wouldn’t be surprised to see something like the tailing mode in Watch Dogs make the leap to Assassin’s Creed.

No word on how the sales breakdown by platform. The upcoming NPD report should shed a bit more light on those details.

To all the other developers/publishers out there. Don’t be afraid of the summer months.


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