Yesterday afternoon, the NPD released their latest numbers on the videogame industry. Here’s the breakdown. Retail sales rose 24% year over year, hardware sales surged 106% year over year and software sales were down 3% year over year.

The big surprises?

Playstation 4 snagged the top spot once again. Looks like the price cut wasn’t enough for Xbox to grab the top spot. It’s clear Microsoft is still dealing with the fallout from its initial policies, plus the power difference between the two consoles.

Another big surprise was the specifics on some of the top-selling games. Watch Dogs was the top-selling game in June. What’s surprising is how the sales breakdown by platform. PS4 saw the most Watch Dogs sales followed by Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PC.

Xbox 360 beating out Xbox One is surprising. Especially on a game where the difference between past and current gen is more pronounced.

Should Microsoft be worried? It’s clear they already have been. Phil Spencer became head of Xbox earlier this year and is doing everything he can to change perception of the Xbox One to just games. They stripped out the Kinect for price parity and shut down the Entertainment arm of Xbox. Phil said it’s all about the games at E3. It has to be if Xbox wants to turn its early woes around.

The next few months probably won’t get any better. Destiny is coming in September and Sony and Activision have a marketing deal along with exclusive DLC. Destiny should sell the most on PS4 if past multi-platform games are any indication.

Microsoft’s turnaround may start happening as it releases exclusive titles such as Sunset Overdrive and the Halo Collection. I think the Halo Collection will surprise people. That’s all my friends were talking about after Microsoft’s E3 conference.

As for the rest of the NPD report, the Wii U sold 233% more consoles compared to last June. Having the second best-selling game of the month, Mario Kart 8, definitely helped Nintendo out.

Minecraft continues to see insane sales as it notches the third spot. UFC grabbed the fourth spot, Wolfenstein came in seventh and Tomodachi Life in ninth.


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