August 6 will be a sad night. Jon Stewart is ending his run as the iconic host of Comedy Central’s ‘Daily Show.’ The announcement came during Monday night’s broadcast and set the stage for Trevor Noah to grab the chair.

You could hear the sigh of relief from the anchors at Fox News. And, CNN. Poor CNN.

Stewart’s comment on the August 6 departure came just before his ‘Moment of Zen’ and offered little in the way of details of his final show. You can bet on a montage of his greatest moments. Apologies in advance Glenn Beck.

The quick exit for Jon Stewart means he will have little to do with the program’s Indecision 2016. With a host change, this is a good call. Trevor Noah is already under a ton of pressure to live up to expectations.

Stewart clears out just as the 2016 race heats up, and before the GOP/DNC crank up what will be an absurd amount of primary debates. You thought they were annoying in 2012? Just wait.

Trevor Noah Takes Over the Daily Show

With us in the age of social media, Trevor Noah has already come under fire for controversial jokes he made on Twitter. I know, a comic making controversial jokes? Go figure on that one.

trevor noah replaces jon stewart daily show

Thankfully, Viacom and Stewart both came out in support of Noah, not letting the knee-jerk Twitterverse derail the Daily Show host.

Trevor Noah is a relative unknown in the United States. The South-African comic hosted a late-night series in his home country and toured internationally. Now? He’s being thrust into the limelight just in time for an election cycle.

A trial by fire in what Stewart made his calling card. Besides roasting Fox News and the rest of the media, Stewart and his team carved out a special brand of political satire for election years.

Daily Show Contest

While announcing his departure date, Jon Stewart reminded fans of a contest to be in the audience for the last taping. Will he go all Oprah and start giving away things? Probably not, but it will be one hell of an experience.

The contest is in partnership with Omaze, and the money raised will benefit Autism research.


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