And I still haven’t decided if that’s a good or bad thing. Well, it’s all about perspective I guess. It’s a good thing for those driving. Not so good if you’re the only one trying to take it out.

I don’t envy DICE when trying to balance vehicles in Battlefield 1. There supposed to be overpowered. If a single player could take out a tank no one would use them. But man. I’ve had my share of ‘how many more grenades and anti-tank rockets do I have to throw at this f$*king tank’ moments during my 8 hours with Battlefield 1 so far.

The problem is one that stems in every multiplayer game. Random people just don’t work together. At least, not regularly. But this is a problem we’ve all faced and one developers will never be able to fix. Instead, let’s talk about tanks and how DICE can make them fun for those driving them – while also making them a bit more manageable to take out for those on foot.

The Assault class already has the tools

The tools are here to take out tanks. But DICE needs to tweak them. Really, they only need to tweak one of them. The AT Rocket Gun. Here’s how the AT Rocket Gun works right now:

– You get 4 total rounds (I believe). 1 already in the chamber and three reloads.

– You have to use it with the integrated bipod. That means either going prone or against a surface.

You probably see where I’m going with this. The integrated bipod leaves you pitifully exposed when trying to take out a tank. I get where DICE is going with it. They don’t want people peeking around corners and firing off rounds like RPGs in Battlefield 4. I get that. Tanks need to feel powerful.

DICE needs to give us a little more mobility when using the AT Rocket Gun. I’m not saying turn it into a RPG. Just let us deploy the bipod when crouched instead of having to go full prone. You’re still exposed when shooting it, but you have a little extra mobility to get around.

DICE shouldn’t change anything immediately

Yes, tanks are a pain in the ass – but I also think DICE shouldn’t rush to fix any “issues.” I don’t want to see DICE swinging from one side of the pendulum to the other when it comes to vehicle balance.

Give it a week or two and see where tank combat stands then. If tank drivers are still routinely racking up 40+ kills with no deaths, then yes there’s an issue. But you never know. Maybe Battlefield 1 will get players to work together.

Assault isn’t the only class with tools to deal with tanks. Snipers can use K bullets (armor-piercing rounds) to pitch in when they’re not sitting atop hills twiddling their thumbs. K bullets don’t do all that much damage, but they can prevent tanks from self-repairing. Any damage received resets the self-repair.

Two tanks can be duking it out in the middle of the map, but a lone sniper on the other side could be the deciding factor. A couple of shots with K bullets can turn the tide by allowing a friendly tank to repair, while a sniper keeps the other tank pinned down.

Instead of C4, DICE opted to give the scout class a way to fight tanks from range. It suits the class better and keeps the fighting at a distance.

Battlefield 1 tanks are still a pain in the ass, but it’s up to us to use the tools DICE gave us to level the playing field.

What do you think? Are tanks too overpowered? Should DICE tweak how classes fight them? Or leave the vehicle/soldier balance alone?

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