The Call of Duty franchise has seen better days. Ghosts wasn’t good. Advanced Warfare dialed up the action to 11. It was a breath of fresh air… for a month or so. Today, we are just 4 days from Treyarch’s latest entry. And people are pumped.

How pumped? Activision announced 12 million monthly active users have been playing Black Ops II over the past three months. Activision describes it at an “unprecedented level for a game that is three years old and only available on old-generation consoles.”

Yeah, that number took me aback. Call of Duty: Black Ops II is a great game, but 12 million monthly active users? That’s insane. And these numbers aren’t new. Back in August, Activision reported 11 million monthly active users for Black Ops II. This should answer any questions about why Black Ops III is coming to Xbox 360/PS3.

Activision points to these absurd monthly active users as “momentum ahead of launch [Black Ops III] has been strong.”

Now make it backwards compatible on Xbox One

Xbox’s Phil Spencer answered a question on Twitter about when the list of backward compatible games will be released.

Activision calls the millions of monthly active users “unprecedented” for a game on old-generation consoles. Well Activision, you could make it available on Xbox One too. 107,279 Black Ops II fans want to see it happen. We’ll see if Activision pulls the trigger on November 9. Will they? I could go either way. I understand if they decide not to. But it wouldn’t surprise me if they did. I don’t think Black Ops II suddenly becoming available to play on Xbox One would hurt the sales of Black Ops III.

What we know about Xbox One’s backward compatibility

We know of about 30 games coming already based. That includes games already in preview and games coming as part of next-gen purchases (Fallout, Rainbow Six and Just Cause). That leaves about 70 games left. First party games (Microsoft published) should become backwards compatible quickly. That means games like Crackdown, Shadowrun, Halo, Alan Wake and others (you can see some of these in the image below from the Xbox page).

Xbox 360 and Xbox One

As for third party publishers? At Gamescom, Microsoft announced support from:

Bandai Namco Games
Deep Silver
Disney Interactive
Electronic Arts
Koei Tecmo Games
Square Enix
Warner Bros.

Activision and Take-Two are noticeably absent. But the list is dated. A lot could have changed since August.

What games are you hoping to see next week? Red Dead Redemption. You hear me Take-Two! Red. Dead. Redemption.

When I’m not playing Rocket League (best game ever), you can find me writing about all things games, space and more. You can reach me at alex@newsledge.com

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