Boots-on-the-ground. It’s a term thrown around by Call of Duty fans for years now, and it’s a term wholly embraced by Sledgehammer Games and Activision. The Call of Duty: WWII reveal just went down, and we got our first in-game glimpse.

We are in the boots of a soldier with the ‘Bloody First.’ Formally known as the 1st Infantry Division and officially nicknamed ‘The Big Red One.’ While the story focuses on the 1st Infantry Division, Activision describes “an ensemble cast of global and diverse characters.” Look for portrayals of lesser known participants in the war.

Alright, let’s dig into what we learned about multiplayer. It wasn’t much, but a few new details were revealed.

Zombies will return. My nephew and millions of Call of Duty fans will love that news. Details are slim, but Nazi Zombies is back with a “startling, new storyline and adrenaline filled experience.” I hope Sledgehammer can strike a good balance between intricate easter eggs, and just good ole’ fashion zombie slaying. Give me one map that has an easy to get to pack-a-punch and go crazy with the rest.

War. The new mode is described as a narrative. Battlefield 1’s operations immediately come to mind. No word yet on how deep this narrative goes. But imagine storming the beaches of Normandy as one part of a multi-part match. A return to boots-on-the-ground gameplay means Sledgehammer has to find new ways to innovate the Call of Duty formula. Hopefully, War is just one of many new modes Sledgehammer will use to shake up the usual Call of Duty multiplayer fare.

Divisions. This is a new take on the ‘create-a-class’ model. You choose to join the Infantry, Airborne or Armored divisions, create a class and “progress through the ranks.” Is this just a fancy way of doing this, or do the choices matter? It’ll be something to watch as we learn more about multiplayer around E3.

Headquarters. Nope, not the multiplayer mode. This is a new social hub where you can get together with friends. Sounds like an interactive lobby.

Boots-on-the-ground. Did you hear it’s boots-on-the-ground gameplay? Activision and Sledgehammer continue to assure fans this Call of Duty is a return to Call of Duty before Advanced Warfare. Hell. Yes. I do wonder how Sledgehammer plans to build on the Call of Duty formula by going back to the past. DICE brought ‘Elite units’ over from Star Wars Battlefront. What will Sledgehammer do?

I’ll be keeping this post updated as we learn more about Call of Duty: WWII’s multiplayer. What did you think of today’s reveal?

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