Golf game lacking? Good, because the creators of Burnout want you to embrace your destructive tendencies in its upcoming title, Dangerous Golf. The co-founders of Criterion Games, Fiona Sperry and Alex Ward, left to form Three Field Entertainment.

Today, we get a glimpse of what the duo have in store. Turning gamers loose with a golf club and golf ball that’s on fire.

Finally, companies are realizing games are meant to be fun. Take Rocket League. Mix cars and a giant soccer ball and you have a 100k player base at any one time. Dangerous Golf is taking the premise of ‘wreck shit for fun’ and applying it to golf.

About time. Only so many times you can hit the driving range and do the Happy Gilmore before you start bemoaning the lack of LTE coverage for Netflix.

Dangerous Golf

Before you fire up the PS4, Xbox One or Steam, the game is slated for May 2016. Another brilliant move. Don’t put this out in the fall during the deluge of AAA titles. Grab the summer gaming drought and camp on it.

Dangerous Golf kitchen

The game mechanics are simple. You don’t give a damn about birdies, saving par or pulling a Tiger. It’s all about the amount of dollar damage you can wrack up across 100 holes in four locations.

Been to a ballroom and wondered what it would feel like to take a nine iron to the place? The game designers feel your frustration, and it joins a rural gas station, hotel kitchen and a medieval castle as the four primary locations.

Dangerous Golf locations

Players will be rewarded on the complexity of the shots they take. Ricochets and trick shots add up points that eventually unlock the SmashBreaker. The flaming golf ball turns into a bomb.


The game will feature turn-based multiplayer both online and off. Nice to see a game embrace local multiplayer. Sometimes your family or friends want to get in on the action.


Under the hood of Dangerous Golf is Unreal Engine 4. Pushed to the max with nVidia’s PhysX, Apex Destruction and Flex technology, the game will allow you to destroy priceless works of art, heirlooms and generally wreak havoc on the environment.

It’s the first game from Three Fields Entertainment, and the company is promising it is the first in a line of games focused on plenty of destruction. Did we expect anything else from the creators of Burnout and Black?

Image Credit: Three Fields Entertainment 

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