I don’t need a perfect cinematic trailer to sell every game. Not every trailer can be as good as Blizzard or Blur makes them. Sometimes all I need is for a trailer to show me a game’s possibilities. A new Dishonored 2 trailer just dropped, and it falls squarely into the second category. Watch Emily and Corvo get creative as they cut their way through the coastal streets of Dunwall.

Bethesda says we are looking at just four of the “seemingly limitless creative combinations” Emily and Corvo’s abilities give us. I can’t wait to see the crazy videos soon after launch. If this is what developers can do, I can only imagine what some Dishonored fans will cook up.

I know what some of you may be thinking, though. Do I have to play like this? Is stealthy gameplay still viable? Yes, it is. You can spend your entire time in Dunwall without killing anyone. That’s the word from creative director Harvey Smith.

In a recent PlayStation Access interview, Smith says, “you can literally play without killing a single person.” (go to 2:40 in the video)

And player freedom goes even further. Dishonored 2 shakes things up a bit by offering players the chance to play as Emily Kaldwin. Emily has her own unique set of powers. But what makes playing as her special is you can decide not to take the Mark from the Outsider. This starts a ‘no powers mode.’ Just you and your sword.

No killing with no powers? That’ll take some patience.

It’s great to see Arkane Studios continuing to offer tons of freedom. I play more like today’s trailer, but I can see the appeal in taking a less bloody approach. No powers mode also sounds cool. It’ll be interesting to see how the level design stacks up when you have no powers at your disposal.

Dishonored 2 hits PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 11th. How will you play?

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