Dubbed ‘Mid-Season Reinforcements,’ today’s update is packed with tons of bug fixes, network improvements, and some pretty substantial changes to two operators. I’ll be touching on the operator changes. You can check out the full patch notes here.

Kapkan’s ‘entry denial devices’ are getting a major revamp. The biggest change is visual. Starting today, the trip laser fades quickly from its origin point.

Another massive change is also immediately apparent after watching the short clip included in the patch notes. These trip mines are no longer instant kills. The folks over at Ubisoft decided to go with each doing 60 HP damage. Kapkan also gets five of them now instead of three. And he gets a boost in speed (was a 1-speed Operator, now a 2-speed).

Here’s the thought process from Ubisoft about the change.

“We feel as though this change is an adaptation of Kapkan to the skill level of players who have adapted to spotting the trip laser, instead of rushing through doorways. We hope to see new strategies develop for him, alongside our other trapper defenders.”

I haven’t played Siege in a few weeks, but I’m digging the change. Kapkan’s lasers were always too easy to see. Plus, giving him five now adds versatility to his play style. Do you hang back by the objective and plant entry denial devices all over the place? Or, do you roam around the map setting ambushes? The boost in movement speed helps big time with the latter. Not being instant kill feels like a nerf on the surface, but something had to be done to balance out how they are harder to see. We’ll see how it plays out today and in the weeks to come.

Blitz is also getting some love. Ubisoft explains it best. “We’re putting the blitz into Blitz.” Blitz players can now sprint with the shield still protecting them. That should make cracking well-defended positions a little easier. Hell, at least Blitz will have a chance now.

The patch notes also dive into fixes coming to the network code. There’s a lot of stuff in here you might not understand, but the main takeaway is that Ubisoft continues to take steps to make the online experience better for everyone. A dev blog post from earlier this month dives into much more detail about what today’s network code improvements are addressing.

As of right now, today’s update is live on PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version was delayed, but should still come today. The Reddit post about today’s server maintenance is a good spot to keep tabs on when the PC update goes live.

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