We know Horde 3.0 is going to be at PAX West in force this weekend. But the folks at Xbox are giving us a sneak peek today with a two-minute video showing off the much-loved cooperative mode.

Let’s check it out.

Someone needs to re-upload that video. Did it look low-res to anyone else?

Here’s a breakdown of what we just watched.


Horde 3.0 introduces five classes to shake up the Horde formula. Expect classes to have specific abilities, but probably not specific weapons.

We see Kait as the Sniper class and wielding a sniper rifle at 0:42. Makes sense. But at 0:57, we see JD is also armed with a sniper rifle. It appears, at least right now, that weapons are not tied to classes. At least, not the standard fare. I’m guessing if weapons are tied to classes, it’s only at the time you spawn. A Sniper starts with a sniper rifle, but other players can get one later on.

Let’s break down the classes.

Sniper – There’s not much to see here. We see Kait slide into cover armed with a sniper rifle and then nails a headshot against a DeeBee. Any abilities the Sniper has is not shown in the video.

Engineer – Your job will be bouncing around repairing defenses with your blowtorch. Again, any additional abilities aren’t shown in the trailer.

Soldier – We see the soldier class roadie run up to a rather big Locust before sticking it with a grenade.

Scout – Finally, we get to see an ability in action. Scouts can toggle an ability to see foes through walls.

Gears of War 4 scout ability

Heavy – And the last class. Not much to go on here either, we see the Heavy manning a turret as it takes out a COG helicopter.

We’ll have to wait until this weekend’s live stream to see the specific abilities of each class.


Remember the box we saw in IGN’s video from earlier this week? It’s just what we thought it was. A deployable base where you build your defenses. Pick the part of each map you think you can hold the best and get ready for 50 waves of Horde action.

Did you see how the enemies drop something with a lightning icon when they die?

Gears of War 4 possible currency

Maybe it acts as a kind of currency to purchase defenses and other items at the Fabricator?


Of course Gridlock is back. It’s Gears’ Lockout/Blood Gulch. You can’t make a Gears game without bringing Gridlock with it.

It looks about how I remember it. I’m sure it’ll get the usual graphics bump and some slightly different visuals. But it will remain the Gridlock we all curb-stomped through since Gears of War 1.

Horde 3.0 at PAX West

Horde 3.0 will be playable at PAX West. Attendees can try their hand at the first 10 waves. The Coalition will also host a special ‘First to Fifty’ live stream Saturday night starting at 6:30 pm PT. Two teams of five will face off to see who make their way through hordes of Swarm and DeeBees quickest.

I want to see more on how classes work. How many class specific abilities are there? Is Horde 3.0 specifically designed to work with a team of five, or can you and another friend play by yourselves?

What’s one aspect of Horde 3.0 you are itching to learn more about?

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