I know, it’s kind of a random question to ask. But Phil Spencer (Head of Xbox) and Chuck Osieja (creative director at The Coalition) were asked just that at Xbox Fanfest in Australia yesterday. Specifically, the fan question asked: “If Gears of War could expand into any other gaming genre, what would it be?”

Osieja’s “ah” tells us the folks at The Coalition have at least thought about it. Spencer doesn’t throw any cold water on it by teasing, “he’s got to be careful with how he answers this one.”

Osieja has a little fun with it and playfully gives us the standard Microsoft talking point: “At Microsoft, we evaluate all opportunities for our franchises. So if the right opportunity presents itself, we’ll explore that as something we can off our fans.” Everyone there, including Spencer, got a kick out of that answer.

Spencer dove into the idea of multiple genres a little more. “When we got the team together and talked about the future of Gears of War, I think there’s multiple ways you can tell that story. Multiple gameplay genres. I think it’s a really big IP and it’s an IP that could exist in linear form, in books – we’ve seen that; in different gaming genres.”

Watch Osieja and Spencer answer the question below (starts at around 25:30).

Not a firm confirmation Gears of War will tackle a different genre, but it’s clear other genres have been discussed at The Coalition.

What genres should Gears of War tackle?

Let’s have some fun. Strategy genre is one that immediately comes to mind. But we’ve already seen that with Halo Wars.

Racing. But not just any racing. This is Gears of War. We need it be more badass than Forza Horizon. Give me Road Rash with Chainsaws and slapping frag grenades to each other.

This is about as likely as Halo appearing on PlayStation, but it would be awesome. How cool would it be if Microsoft took Ubisoft’s Blood Dragon approach with their first party titles?

Football/Sports. You think I’m crazy, but I’m not. Madden wasn’t the only football game EA made. Put your nostalgia hat on; we are going back a ways. Mutant League Football. Take Madden’s old football engine, throw some skeletons and monsters in it, mix in some blood and you have yourself a football game. Crazy? Absolutely. Fun? You bet.

EA’s craziness wasn’t just limited to football. Check out Mutant League Hockey.

Could you imagine seeing the Gears of War franchise embracing something like this?

Horror. Embrace the scary universe portrayed in the Gears franchise. But tell the story from a different angle. A short horror game about Emergence Day, or following the first people to witness the Locust burst from the ground. Give us something like Outlast, so I’ll never play it. Seriously, that game scared the shit out of me when I tried playing it.

Better yet, keep working with Creative Assembly. Let them create Alien: Isolation but in the Gears universe.

Third-person shooter. Yeah, it’s not a new genre – but The Coalition could go a different route with it. Instead of the stop-and-pop gameplay Gears is known for, try the over-the-top action of Warhammer 40k: Space Marine.

Hero shooter. On second thought, please don’t do that.

Do you think The Coalition will try to shake things up in the Gears franchise moving forward? What genre would you like to see Gears of War tackle?

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