I’m not too concerned about Gears of War 4 failing to deliver. After playing the multiplayer beta earlier this year, I know The Coalition is up to the task. Now, there’s another aspect I don’t have to worry about – the soundtrack. One of today’s best composers is mixing the in-your-face action of Gears of War 4 with the incredible compositions of Ramin Djawadi.

Most of you will recognize him from his work on Game of Thrones. That haunting melody playing as Cersei took out half the cast in one fell swoop? That’s Ramin’s work. Light of the Seven might be my favorite piece of music from Game of Thrones, including the main theme.

Don’t watch Game of Thrones? How about Iron Man or Pacific Rim?

Djawadi perfectly captured the essence of Pacific Rim in one badass main theme.

The Coalition’s Rod Fergusson called Ramin the “obvious choice” to score Gears of War 4.

While Ramin Djawadi is the highlight of the announcement, creating a score for Gears of War 4 is not a one man job. The developers selected the best of the best according to mixing engineer Alan Myerson. From conductor and orchestrator to the players. There’s more than 2,000 movies of experience in this orchestra.

Djawadi is known for creating epic and memorable themes. Who doesn’t go around humming the Game of Thrones theme on Sundays? And that’s why The Coalition wanted him. Fergusson talks about how having a theme is really important. It “resonates with the player and drives the emotion,” says Fergusson.

Gears of War is known for its action, but it’s the underlying emotion that also appealed to Djawadi.

Ramin Djawadi Gears of War 4

Djawadi goes on to describe how he tackled the themes for the various factions in Gears of War 4. A more electronic sound was used for the COG. Which makes sense now that robots (DeeBees) are used as a security force. The Swarm got the darker treatment with their theme. We can hear pieces of each one at around the 2:00 mark in the trailer. Both sound incredible.

Check out the full behind-the-scenes video to see the work that goes into creating a score and a few snippets of new gameplay. It looks like I’ll have a new soundtrack playing on Spotify in a couple of months.

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