Like we needed another great game to play. Got a powerful gaming PC and also a Gears of War fan? Microsoft has you covered today. Head on over to the Windows 10 store and grab Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for $30. Man, that is tempting.

You will need a DirectX 12 capable graphics card. Here’s the list of NVIDIA cards and AMD cards.

What’s different about Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for Windows 10?

First, the folks at The Coalition say they didn’t mess with anything that makes Gears, Gears. That means the core gameplay and ‘feel’ are untouched. “One of our goals with the PC version was ‘don’t touch the art,” said Cam Mcrae, Technical Director at The Coalition. “But beyond that, we changed everything.”

“Everything” means graphics. If you have the PC to power it, The Coalition says you are in for a treat. Want 4K graphics at a smooth 60 FPS? At last week’s Xbox Spring Showcase, PCs were running GeForce GTX 980 Ti cards.

One of the main areas The Coalition focused on was “uprezzing” the poly count of every object in the game. McRae says pretty much every object saw a 10-30% boost in poly count. Character models saw a much more dramatic increase at 100% or double the poly count.

Gears of War PC

Note: AMD owners might want to hit the pause button before buying. Forbes Contributor Jason Evangelho wrote about his issues with AMD cards this morning. Just something to be aware of if you own an AMD card. UPDATE: The Coalition says it’s a known issue and AMD will be releasing updated drivers shortly.

Ok, so what if you don’t have a top-of-the-line gaming PC? ‘Medium’ settings will get you performance seen on the Xbox One version of the game. But those with the best PCs will get to take advantage of the graphical upgrades.

The Coalition is also working to get DirectX 12’s Multiadapter feature working on Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. This feature lets you take advantage of multiple GPUs to boost performance. It’s like NVIDIA’s SLI, but with one key difference. You won’t need matching graphics cards. Gears of War won’t support Multiadapter at launch, but The Coalition hopes to get it implemented soon.

What is included with the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition?

Today’s Windows 10 launch will probably pull in a few newcomers to the Gears of War franchise.

Here’s what you’re getting with the Ultimate Edition. You get the original Gears of War remastered with additional graphics options such as 4K and unlocked refresh rate. The five campaign chapters from the original PC release are also included. And, all the original Xbox 360 DLC multiplayer maps plus three maps from the original PC version. All told, you’re getting 19 multiplayer maps. Multiplayer modes are your usual Gears of War staples – Warzone, Assassination, Execution and Annex.


So, are you going to pick up Gears on Windows 10 today? Or skip it? $30 is a tempting buy. Decisions, decisions.

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