Halo 5’s ‘Hog Wild’ update is cruising to you today. As the title suggests, the update centers around everyone’s favorite four-wheel Covenant killing machine – the Warthog. Four new variants are being added including the Vespin Rocket, Sword Needler, Rally Scout and Rally.

343 gave us a sneak peak at a pair of them recently.

new rocket warthog

That’s the Vespin Rocket Warthog. And that isn’t your traditional rocket pod. This bad boy shoots faster rockets and reloads quicker.

rally warthog

Where are the new maps?

If speed is more your style, the Rally Warthog is the perfect fit for you. More speed, more armor – what more could you ask for?

Besides the normal additions of weapon skins, armor and other REQ cards – 343 is adding a new scope variant. The Hybrid Scope takes the Carbine’s holoscope and places it on the BR, DMR, SMG and AR.

Here’s the full set of REQ cards coming today.

Hog Wild REQS

Where are the new maps?

I knew something was missing. What gives? Many of Hog Wild’s bigger pieces of content weren’t quite ready for primetime. 343 Industries opted to push the release of those, including new Warzone and Arena maps, to the Warzone Freight update coming at the end of June.

June’s update was already going to be large. 343 calls it the largest post-launch release to date. Now, it just got huge. 343 tells us what we can expect in about a month.

“Warzone Firefight will include the PvE mode with a variety of maps to play on, new game updates and features, Warzone and Arena maps, a plethora of Forge updates (including a new canvas and more), new REQs, and plenty more. We’ll be talking about the Warzone Firefight release – which will be Halo 5’s largest release to date – much more in the coming weeks.”

Look for much more news about the Firefight update at E3.

The future of Halo

With the content updates for Halo 5: Guardians about to wind down, what else do we have to look forward to? We know the Halo Wars 2 team will be out in force at E3. With a release date sometime in late 2016, look for a huge gameplay reveal during Microsoft’s press conference.

The next chapter in the Halo Wars franchise will be playable at E3. Plus, 343’s Andy “Bravo” Dudynsky teases something else. “There’s also – well, I can’t talk about more just yet,” Bravo wrote on Friday.

A Halo Wars 2 beta? It makes sense. Microsoft already showed us they want feedback on their largest titles with the Halo 5: Guardians beta. Plus, Halo Wars 2 is unique since it’s a strategy game. Nailing the control scheme is vital for the game to become a success. I’m crossing my fingers for a ‘play now’ beta announcement.

Could we see the next chapter in the Halo franchise? I doubt it. Maybe a teaser trailer, but I don’t see much more than that. We’re not even a year out from Halo 5’s release. A full-fledged reveal of another Halo game would be one hell of a turnaround.

I’m hoping we get more info about Forge coming to Windows 10. Maybe a release date or a demonstration.

Halo Wars 2 and more Warzone Firefight info is a given. I’d put Forge on Windows 10 as a ‘probably.’ Halo 6? We can dream.

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